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ALLOCATION (launch special): R10k

We have recently crafted a methodology of a budget-conscious solution with a high-end visual aesthetic.

We are a boutique-style production house serving both South Africa and the world. We strive to offer only the highest standards for our clients.

We specialize in 4K and HD and we also shoot high-speed cinematography.

We deliver your story in a complete, finished professional package.

We work closely with you to develop your vision and goals into a tangible, professional cinematic production.



Camera package

Grip & lighting package

One principle production day

Consulting services and pre-production meeting (zoom)

Postproduction and editing facilities including final delivery

Social media content during the production day enabling a media campaign**

Not included:

Hot meals

Location (to be determined)

Wardrobe, hair and makeup artist

Props and detail (to be determined)

Travel cost: artist and artist personal


Optional extras: (recommended)

Promotional photographer: artist marketing material for social media (banners and digital cover)

R2000 (website promotional material by Patrick Furter the Photographer


*single performance-based music video

**basic content captured onset. please see our promotional photographer package to extend. 

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